Today, network marketing is filled with distributors who do not reach the level of success that wished. In fact, more than 97% of people who are involved in network marketing, earn $ 200 a month or less.

If you are looking for the right ways to achieve success in network marketing in today’s internet age, in this article I want to give three main key to understanding the marketing strategies for you and your business.

So …




The right mindset – are still the only important thing on which you have to work constantly to be successful in anything in life. For Network Marketing is even more relevant.

If you want to attract more people into your business, you first have to become  attractive itself to other people. You can’t sponsor even a single person, if you do not those with whom they want to build a business.

In first time communicating with you people make an assessment of whether they would like to be in business with you and can you introduce them to their success. 98% of people in the world are genetically programmed to follow. And most are looking for a leader to follow him.

Thus, the first key to success – you have to make yourself as attractive as possible. And to achieve this, it is necessary to increase your credibility.

I began to raise my value, when I became to invest in my head. The more I train and read books, CDs, watching seminars, training sessions and apply them in practice, than greater grows my value.

Next key – is the right system. If you are in Network Marketing today and still talk to people making a list of their family and friends and then organize home meetings – is a dying marketing. Why? Old school network marketing is not very attractive to most people.

Today people want to get a system that can be automated as much as possible. And this can be done through the Internet. Although my opinion on that is this kind of  business can’t be automated fully by 100%.

Well thought out marketing system can do many things for you. First attracts an endless stream of potential customers to your business  and allows you to build a trusting relationship with them. Also allows you to monetize even those who have renounced your business offers. System may be duplicable with those who was join your team.

Your marketing system should be have a “capture page” – a small single page -site, where the visitor will leave his name and e-mail address in exchange for something valuable information. For example, you can offer a small training course, a book or video. Thus you will collect a subscriber base, that is the “asset” from which will come your partners..

Your marketing system should have automated Autoresponder  to regularly and without your direct involvement send your emails at any time to your members with valuable information.



Your system should be have a marketing funnel that will allow you and your team to earn additional fees for example such as affiliate programs and universal info-products. This is very important because it allows team members to quickly earn a little cash to fund the growth of their business.

In the right structured funnel value of your proposals gradually increases. First, for example your free series of letters promoting inexpensive manual for $ 20, then this guide promotes a course for $ 200, etc. incrementally. Without it you have no chance to build a sustainable and profitable business in age of the internet.

Your marketing system must have a way for each distribution to repeat the process every step from the capture page to the marketing funnel.

The third key – Effective SPONSORING. Sometimes people think that they can build a Network Marketing business online without interaction with stakeholders in their proposal, considering that the system itself doing all work as sponsoring etc… The question then arises, what they do in this system?

When your prospects were certain dropouts, for example, subscribed and was leaved their phone numbers, call them on the phone or Skype. With frequent communication with your warm audience numbers of partners and sales increases. Communicate with people, always leave the door open, let them know that they can always call or email you if they have any questions or problems.

Really listen to people. Be interested and ask the right questions. You’ll go far if you keep your ears open and take care of people.


If you follow these three basic tips, you will experience great success in your business and we will be reading about your success stories!

Just keep doing!

– Vitaly Junolainen



And this is not all what i want to say,  in last time i get questions actually from my friends and other people what is actually your business and what you are doing there, Online!?
I start thinking how to explain this all and was find this is not easy to explain.

So i started writing what is this all about and what is my “profession”…. Coming soon!