On the Internet we are used to the fact that many politicians, businessmen, artists, leaders of network companies maintain their blogs. What is a Blog and why is it needed to networkers?

Blog is a kind of your electronic diary in which the records are created and placed in chronological order.

Today blog serves many functions. It allows you to promote your brand on the Internet, looking for new customers, communicate with people and build a trusting relationship with them, sharing valuable information, make money, etc.

Blog – this is one of the main tools of your business Online.

So, why do you need your own blog?

Reason number 1. Formation and promotion of your personal brand.

Today, a key element of building your business, of course, is own brand.

Your personal brand – it is something that will only belong to you and no one do not take it from you, and that is what will attract and keep a lot of people around you -and  your followers.

The basic strategy when building your brand – these are the problems of others.

Your blog should be a place where people will see and understand who you are and what you can give them  to help them with their problems.

Reason number 2. Creating a trusting relationship.

On the blog you can share with your readers thoughts, ideas, personal information. All this will give you more trust and help establish a trusting relationship with your readers and turn cold audience into a community that will come after you and trust you. After all, you know that people will only buy from those who know and trust.

Reason number 3. A blog is interactive. This means that you are creating a relationship in the comments section.

Readers or customers can leave comments or ask questions to which you can answer as the author. Blog is a dynamic platform that allows continuously post new articles, videos, audio files, etc. All this contributes to create a dynamics in the relationship with the audience and allows you to create your own community.

We all know that our main purpose is to increase the subscription base, so …

Reason number 4. The ability to subscribe our visitors to a newsletter. Your articles, posts on the blog should be so interesting and attractive to your readers that they would like to come back and get more information. And we have a great opportunity to place a subscription form on the blog for collect  e-mail data from our visitors. Subscription form  should be established on the blog to process of converting blog visitors into subscribers. For this purpose I recommend to place the subscription form  not only on the sides of the page in the sidebar , but after each article. Of course it’s depends on you.

Reason number 5. Getting traffic from social networks. You can use a blog as the center, which is linked to your profiles on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Social networking sites are one of the best places to build a business on the Internet. But only if you know how to do it. And regardless of who you are – beginner or a successful businessman, you should use social networking sites. And people will follow you from social networks to your blog.

Reason number 6. Free traffic. Blogs are very fond for the search engines. Than more you update the content and more you are commented on your blog, that more frequently your blog is updated. You have added a new article or video – and visitor left a comment – then blog has been updated for search engines. if you update your blog daily, that higher the rating of blog for search engines and  more often your blog will be issued for the search. And this issue directly lead your blog to increase free traffic.

Reason number 7. Blogs easy to install and to use. The main difference in blogs from Web sites is that you do not need to know about Web design, HTML, PHP, etc. And you do not need to be a programmer to begin blogging. And this is what people like most about blogs, it’s very easy to start!

All the actions you can perform just like a regular Internet user. The interface is intuitive and simple.

You do not need to be a professional web designer, There is now thousands of themes for blogs and you are only required choose the right one and install it on your hosting.

Quick Blog Setup Guide PDF

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I wish you luck in Blogging!

– Vitaly

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