Weight Shift-Return On A Sunday Daylight

Whether from abnormal load securement or from a sudden evasive maneuver, sometimes tractor trailers experience load time.  While sometimes load shifts end in loss of control and an accident, maximum of the time it causes an unsafe condition that can be corrected with help and the right equipment to perform a load Tow Truck Oklahoma City OK.  The trick is finding the right help that understands the importance of rebalancing and securing the load without damaging the contents.

Sabbath morning, we received a call from a flatbed vehicle out of Missouri in need of a load shift compensation. Their driver had braked aggressively to avoid an event with a careless motorist who cut him off when he exited I-40 from the left way, and his load of railroad car axles had shifted badly and was no great secure.  The Tow Truck Oklahoma City OK. driver carefully exited the road and found a safe place to stay. His safety agency called us.

We returned with truck 3, evaluated the situation, and accompanied the truck to a large open parking lot to get to business.   We lifted the rearmost three axles, one by one, and set them on the spot. This allowed us to roll back the left axles, and reposition them properly one by example.  The driver helped with rolling the loose axles, and holding them in place as we left.

That load shift recovery took less than 3 hours to complete. The security director paid with a credit card, and their Tow Truck Oklahoma City OK was back on the road to Cali with a properly secured amount.

Why Proper Packing Is Crucial To Safe Trailer Towing

The preponderance of crashes we work involving small trailers was made by out of control swaying. That video demonstrates the value of proper loading and the obvious effect that improper loading conditions. If you tow a boat to the lake, learn that the outboard motor hanging off the back has to be offset with weight in the front. Recreational vehicle trailers, especially bumper pull models, are also sensitive to sway when loaded improperly, even if the tow vehicle is equipped with a load leveling hitch and sway government!  Proper loading is crucial for safe
Tow Truck Oklahoma City OK.

We don’t need to see anyone hurt out there. Watched trailer towing matters! Give attention to your cargo and weight relationships, and make sure that 60% of the load is loaded forward of the axle(s).  If you encounter sway while on the road, don’t try to drive to correct it. Till you find a speed where the swaying ends, then find a safe place to stop and change the weight in your home. Enjoy this short video that well demonstrates this theory.